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Nikrouz Bahadormanesh

PhD Student

Nikrouz received his BSc and MSc in Mechanical Engineering from Isfahan University of Technology (Iran, 2011) and Iran's University of Science (Iran, 2014), respectively. During his BSc and MSc, he developed numerical tools for simulation and optimization of sustainable energy systems. He joined Motamed Lab in September 2018 to work on CFD simulations of blood flow dynamics. Currently, Nikrouz is developing an immersed boundary method for FSI simulations for cardiovascular system.


Outside the lab: When Nikrouz is not working with C++ libraries, he enjoys photography, watching movies, hiking and swimming.

Contact Information

Appointments & Affiliations


  • Research Assistant in Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • Teaching Assistant  in Department of Mechanical Engineering

Awards Honors and Distinctions

  • To be defined 

Selected Publications

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