Zahra K Motamed McMaster.jpg

Assistant Professor

Director of Cardiovascular Research Group

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Department of Computing and Software

School of Biomedical Engineering

School of Computational Science and Engineering

Thrombosis & Atherosclerosis Research Institute

Institute for Research on Aging 

McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, Canada


Research Affiliate Faculty 

Harvard-MIT Biomedical Engineering Center 

Institute for Medical Engineering and Science
MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA​

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Lab News

Dr. Motamed interview with StarFish Medical and Vivitro Labs Inc.

Motamed lab will present this week in the virtual Summer Biomechanics, Bioengineering and Biotransport (SB3C) Conference. Dr. Motamed will co-chair the Patient-specific Flow and Physiology I in SB3C.


Louis Garber and Mason Kadem were awarded prestigious Ontario Graduate Scholarship. Congratulations!

Krishna Gandhi was awarded prestigious NSERC USRA. Congratulations!

We welcome Julia Bauer, Krishna Gandhi, Mohamed Ali Daeian, Giulia Di Nardo, Mohammad Riaz and Lara Barbarawi to Cardiovascular Research Group.

Dr. Motamed was awarded the honorific Joseph Ip Distinguished Engineering Fellow at McMaster (2021-2024).

Dr. Motamed as the Topic Editor of  “Novel Methods to Advance Diagnostic and Treatment Value of Medical Imaging for Cardiovascular Disease” of Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology invites you to submit your research.


Dr. Motamed serves as the Chair of the NSERC Research Tool and Instruments (RTI) Selection Committee for Mechanical Engineering for the Competition 2021.

We welcome Louis Garber, Mohamed Khaled Abdelkhalek and Mason Kadem as the first BME graduate students in the lab.

We welcome Massoud Ebrahimi Dehshali to the Cardiovascular Research Group.

Reza Sadeghi, Seyedvahid Khodaei and Nikrouz Bahadormanesh: Congratulations on passing Ph.D. candidacy exam!

Dr. Motamed and her team receive NSERC funds to help physicians predict outcomes for patients with cardiovascular disease. "Full story:"

Dr. Motamed awarded an NSERC fund (December 2019) for "Developing a patient specific predictive tool and a regulatory testing machine for heart valve replacement"


Motamed Lab in "Full story: CSME"


Prof. Motamed interview with Industry Liaison Office at McMaster (Nov 2018) More details: Innovation Showcase researcher spotlight


Prof. Motamed awarded a research funding (Oct 2018) Full story: Big Ideas"


Dr. Motamed presents at APS 2018, Division of Fluid Dynamics "Towards personalized cardiology for coarctation: computational-mechanics and imaged-based diagnostic frameworks"